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Commercial Electric Services

In today's business world, a reliable and efficient electrical system is crucial. Downtime due to electrical issues can disrupt operations, cost you money, and even pose safety hazards. Our commercial electrical services are designed to keep your business running smoothly and safely. At Harris Electrical Contractors, we understand that commercial establishments in and around Cary require robust and scalable electrical systems to operate efficiently. Our commercial electric services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, whether it's a small retail shop or a large corporate office. We provide comprehensive electric services that ensure your business’s electrical infrastructure supports your operational requirements seamlessly, focusing on safety, energy efficiency, and minimal disruption to your business activities.

Commercial Electric Services Include: Electric System Design & Planning, Electric Installations, Generator Installation, Lighting Design and Installation, Electric Panel Upgrades, Lighting Retrofits, Surveillance Systems, Communication Wiring, Commercial HVAC Wiring, Electrical Code Compliance, Power Distribution, Electric Safety Audits, Tenant Improvements, Electrical Renovations, Commercial Electric Vehicles, Maintenance Contracts, Fire Alarm Installation, Low Voltage Systems, Power Quality Solutions, Electrical Upgrades 
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Commercial Landscape Lighting, Harris Electrical Contractors Cary NC
Photo of Restaurant with Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Imagine your business coming alive at night. With strategically placed landscape lighting from Harris Electrical Contractors,​ you can transform your Cary area commercial property into a welcoming and secure haven after dark. Our team of experts will design a custom lighting plan that highlights the architectural beauty of your building, illuminates walkways and parking areas for safety, and creates an inviting ambiance for evening guests.
We use high-quality, energy-efficient LED fixtures to create stunning effects while minimizing your energy consumption and maintenance costs. Our lighting solutions are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring your property continues to shine brightly for years to come.
Here's how landscape lighting can benefit your Triangle-area business:
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: Make a lasting first impression on potential customers with a beautifully illuminated property.
  • Increased Security: Deter nighttime crime and vandalism with well-lit parking areas and walkways.
  • Extended Business Hours: Host evening events or offer extended outdoor dining areas in a safe and inviting atmosphere.
  • Improved Brand Identity: Create a unique nighttime aesthetic that reflects your brand personality.
Don't let darkness limit the potential of your Raleigh-Durham NC commercial space. Contact Harris Electrical Contractors today for a free consultation and discover how landscape lighting can transform your property and elevate your business.
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Commercial Panel Upgrades

Power up your Cary business for the future with a commercial electric panel upgrade from Harris Electrical Contractors. As your local, trusted electrician, we understand the ever-increasing demands placed on your electrical system. An outdated or insufficient panel can lead to frustrating disruptions, safety hazards, and hinder your business growth.
Harris Electrical Contractors provides comprehensive commercial electric panel upgrade services in Cary, NC. Our certified electricians will thoroughly assess your current electrical system and recommend the most suitable upgrade solution based on your business's specific needs and future projections. We handle everything from securing permits to seamless installation and ensuring your system meets all current safety codes.
Upgrading your commercial electric panel offers a multitude of benefits:
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduce the risk of electrical fires and outages with a modern panel equipped with advanced safety features like circuit breakers.
  • Increased Capacity: Meet the growing power demands of new equipment, technology, and future expansion plans.
  • Improved Efficiency: Modern panels can help optimize energy use, potentially leading to lower electricity bills.
  • Reduced Downtime: Minimize disruptions and lost productivity with a reliable and up-to-date electrical system.
Invest in the future of your Cary business. Contact Harris Electrical Contractors today for a free consultation and let our expertise guide you through a smooth and efficient commercial electric panel upgrade. We'll ensure your business has the power it needs to thrive.
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